Living With Wild Animals - Bulls/Steers


These Bull/Steer photos were taken by Dove
Valley Ranch residents of the bobcats in their backyards.

The Wild West returned to DVR with a steer or bull roaming our streets and the golf course for several days.

While it was great fun to watch please remember cattle are not pets. You should not try to pet, chase or otherwise approach them. This may cause them to get scared and defend themselves by charging at you. Call the police for advice and assistance.

Did you know?

Driving on Arizona Open Range Lands

What does the Arizona open range law mean for Arizona drivers?

Essentially, it means "you broke it, you bought it."

That is, if you hit a cow on a road in Arizona, it's your fault.

Arizona open range law requires that motorists watch for livestock on all roadways at all times.

If you kill livestock in Arizona, you are liable to the owner to compensate for damages.