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There are two approved color palettes for the community but you may select your own colors if you wish. Remember the theme of the community is "desert friendly, earth tones." Please note that physical paint chip samples of each color you would like to paint your home MUST be submitted with your application even if you plan to paint the original color or if you are selecting an approved color scheme. Below are the two color palettes as well as the design review application.

If you have any questions, please contact Assistant Manager Melinda Bentley at  or Community Manager Petra Paul at

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104644788 ACH Form (Direct Debit) ACH Form (Direct Debit) 23659 KBpds_ach_authorization.pdf1/17/2012
204642788 Declaration of Complaint Declaration of Complaint 34841 KBattorney_-_declaration_of_complaint_form_082909[1].pdf1/17/2012
304643788 Design Review Form Design Review Form 2052188 KBarc_form_080811[1].pdf1/17/2012
40344113788 Dog Barking Notice for Neighbor Dog Barking Notice for Neighbor3031 KBdog_barking_notice_for_neighbor.pdf8/22/2019