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Ban on Feeding All Wildlife

A state law exists banning the feeding of all wildlife, including pigeons and coyotes,

The statute number is 13-2927

In 2006, the Arizona Legislature passed a “no feeding wildlife” law, making it illegal to feed wildlife (except birds and tree squirrels) in Pima, Pinal and Maricopa counties. Tree squirrels are generally those found in the mountains, such as Abert’s and Arizona tree squirrels. Squirrels in the low deserts of Phoenix and Tucson are generally ground squirrels, including Harris’ antelope squirrels, round-tailed ground squirrels and rock squirrels. If wildlife feeding in your neighborhood is causing large animals to become bold, please contact your local Game and Fish office. 

Wildlife encounters around your home can be enjoyable, but at times may be cause for concern. Many Arizona residents feed wildlife, including birds, because we want to see them around our homes. When done properly, feeding can be the source of much interest and enjoyment. Keep in mind that feeding small wild animals can have unintended consequences, such as attracting rodents or larger predators. There are also certain animals that should never be fed because they can become a nuisance or even a threat to human safety, such as bears, coyotes and javelina. These animals, when fed, become comfortable with humans and may become aggressive. If this happens, the animal must be removed at great expense and with dire consequences for the animal. Aggressive animals are often either killed or relocated, and relocation results in very low survival rates. In fact, you can often do these animals a favor by going out of your way to make them uncomfortable. If they keep their natural fear of people, they are less likely to become a nuisance and more likely to live a longer life. (Source: AZ fish and Game)