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Fire Safety Update Part 1

Realizing the importance of having fire clearance behind our view fences, the DVR Board has taken steps to clear as much brush, weeds, dead plants, dead trees, etc from behind view fences. The projects include clearing tree branches from atop view fences.

We have faced unprecedented conditions, an invasive new weed in Globe Chamomile and 20 years of NAOS growth.

We consulted several sources about the timing of brush/weed removal. Weeds could not have been cleared before they died. Had we cleared properties sooner, the seeds would have spread with the wind. We started our clearance as soon as it was practical.

Serious brush fires have given renewed concern to the depth and breath of brush behind our homes. According to many landscapers we have consulted, DVR is ahead of most HOA's in brush/weed removal. Other HOA's are now scampering to fund/and or find crews to complete the work. We think we have been proactive in our approach and we are relentless in getting the clearing completed.

Fire Safety Update Part 2

Here is the current situation in Dove Valley Ranch:

The Board of Directors has approved an extension of the initial fire clearing contract held by AAA Landscaping. The AAA crew will:

-Complete fire clearance at Terraza (work is in progress now)

-Begin work in Highlands when Terraza is complete.

A different crew, AZMetroScapes, Inc. will begin work in mid-July. The three-man crew will be dressed in beige/brown shirts and will begin their work in Mystic Ridge/Jasmine Trails I. It is anticipated Mystic Ridge/Jasmine Trails I will take one entire month to complete.

Following the completion of Mystic Ridge/Jasmine Trails I, the AZMetroScapes crew will move to Emerald Greens and then Ocotillo. It is anticipated those communities will be completed in August and September, respectively.

We anticipate having AZMetroScapes potentially on site for three months.

We want this done properly, and the Board is taking great steps to assure peace of mind for all of us.

Fire Safety Update Part 3

The next Dove Valley Ranch community meeting will be held Thursday, July 16, 2020 at Foothills Foundation, 34250 N. 60th Street-Building B. 

Social distancing will be practiced. Wearing of masks is required, as it is required in Scottsdale. The meeting begins at 6:30PM.

 The Board of Directors has extended the time frame for storing of outdoor basketball hoops and sports equipment. Hoops and sports equipment may remain outdoors without requiring storage until September 1, 2020. No outdoor basketball may be played after 8PM.

 Now is the time to be sure your front and side yards and the sidewalk in front of your home is cleared of tree debris. Avoid a violation letter by clearing those spaces of pods and debris.