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Planned Development Services
14100 N. 83rd Ave., Suite 200, Peoria, AZ 85381
Office: (602) 557-0229 / Main Fax: (623) 583-3481

Office Hours: 7am-6pm (Mon-Thurs) / 8:30am-3pm(Fri)
Solution Hotline: 8am-6pm (Mon-Thurs) / 8:30-3pm(Fri)
Vern Carrillo, CMCA, AMS
Community Manager
Krystal Morris
Assistant Manager
Lucinda Deschaine
Ext: 1176 Ext: 1173 Ext: 1184
Fax: (623) 298-5975  Fax: (623) 298-5994 Fax: (623) 298-6009 
Email: vcarrillo@pdsaz.com   Email: kmorris@pdsaz.com   Email: ldeschaine@pdsaz.com    

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